Nikki Froehlich | Guiding verse: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! (Romans 10:15)

As the Outreach Coordinator for Garfield Memorial Church, I have been blessed to work in many local missions. In 2012, I started volunteering for our Urban Reach partnership with Cleveland Metropolitan School District. I would leave the school heartbroken for the kids that were struggling to carry their books without backpacks and shoes that were old or didn’t fit. Many of these children were raised in single-parent homes and struggling to make ends meet.

My co-lead Mary McHugh and I decided to have dinner together one night, and she asked me the question, “What is your ministry dream?” Right away, “Kids, backpacks, and shoes” came blaring out of my mouth. Mary cried out (literally) how she dreamed of this beautiful health fair similar to one where she had been blessed to serve,  where parents in need did not have to worry about physicals and school supplies for their children.

From Day 1 of planning Back to School Blast 2015, we allowed God to lead us on a beautiful journey: to bring those He wanted to attend, to stir the hearts of people with compassion for children, to create an atmosphere where LOVE was felt by each and every person walking in. We are eager and honored to serve as we pray, plan and create a 2017 Back to School Blast that is out of this world!